Truth or DARE?

Truth or DARE?

I didn’t really know anything about drugs until we got one of those colorful health pamphlets in first grade. Man, that knowledge freaked me out. The amount of health education in elementary school gradually increased until fifth grade, where... READ MORE »»

Too Lenient about Convenience?

Too Lenient about Convenience?

Nearly every morning, I groggily wake up dreading the fifteen-minute drive to school – I have to wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed and drive to school all by the crack of dawn? That’s just expecting too much from a teenager. But is it... READ MORE »»

Jessica Wu '17

The Annual Epidemic

More malevolent than meningitis, more prevalent than the plague, senioritis enters Ridge High School as the second marking period leaves. After sending all their first semester grades with their college applications, many seniors are beginning... READ MORE »»

Lily Yang '16

The Pixar Theory

Last summer, a theory started making its way across the vast blogosphere. It came to be known as The Pixar Theory. The Pixar Theory states that all the Pixar movies (those as old as Toy Story and those as new as Brave), actually exist in the... READ MORE »»

Jasmine Xie '16

World Language Month: Connecting Cultures

As winter finally comes to a close, an annual tradition returns to Ridge High School: World Language Month. In the span of one month, students are able to learn about each language offered here at Ridge. World Language Month began on the Tuesday... READ MORE »»