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The Devil's Advocate

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Ridge High School’s GirlUp Club: Aims, Accomplishments, and Ambitions
Should American High Schools Start Later? 
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Interview with Assemblyman Brian Bergen of District 25
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Learning from Putin’s Personal War
Ben Cunningham '23 January 20, 2023

(Trigger warning: this article uses sarcasm to highlight the dangers of authoritarianism. We in no way condone Russia’s invasion of Ukraine).   The tale of Vladimir...

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What The War in Ukraine has Taught Us about Modern Warfare
Dawson Deng ’23 January 20, 2023

While wars in Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Yemen have shown the brutal and chaotic nature of war in the modern era, the Ukrainian conflict is an entirely different scale of warfare....

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The Fight to Save Animals Amidst War in Ukraine
Teresa Jones ‘24 November 27, 2022

War takes a toll. That’s common knowledge. But what people don’t often realize is that war affects more than just humans. Conflict affects animals too.    Russia’s...

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Pakistan's Record Breaking Floods
Valentina Montesinos Armenio ‘24 November 27, 2022

Monsoon season has come for Pakistan and with it the most severe flooding seen in recent years. This monsoon has caused rivers to overflow, destroying infrastructure and...

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Speech and Debate: A Sport for the Strong-Minded
Mariam Khan '24 March 12, 2023

“In 6th place, in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, from New Jersey: Meera–” With a gasp, I sit up sharply in bed. I abruptly come to my senses,...

Why Thanksgiving is the Worst Holiday
Klaudia Kowalewski '26 January 20, 2023

1. The whole (dreaded) family gathering thing We all love our families, right? Well, at least some of the time. We can’t pretend we don’t...

Artist Credit: Susan Liu 24
Satire: Why You Should Not Write for Stem
Vivian Dong '24 November 29, 2022

  Our education, our country, and our livelihoods are slowly falling to waste because of none other than STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering,...

Tomatoes: Enemy to Humanity
Jade Lee '24 May 30, 2022

It was a peaceful day; in fact, it was a perfect day. My mother had packed the most delicious sandwiches for us, and, the little child I was,...

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