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Ridge High School’s GirlUp Club: Aims, Accomplishments, and Ambitions
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Opinion: China’s Looming Descent Toward a Financial Crisis
Andrew Cui '25 November 5, 2023

China this, China that: it seems like our country’s policymakers and media outlets can’t get enough of the former Middle Kingdom. Whether it be rumors of manufacturing...

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Art Credits to Helen Cai!
Unrest in France
Jenny Gao '25 May 14, 2023

Protests in France have escalated as of lately as more than 1.3 million protesters gather on the streets to fight against a detested presidential decision. Demonstrators,...

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Why Should We Learn History?
Heather Qin '24 April 27, 2023

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history,” George Orwell writes in his classic dystopian novel, 1984....

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Reflections on the New Cold War: America and China’s Lethal Waltz
Isabelle Qi '25 April 27, 2023

Before COVID-19, I was supposed to visit my relatives in China and their dog Nina. My brother and I had a plan to drink bubble tea all day long and gorge ourselves on Chinese...

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Welcome to Ridge (The Land of Great Expectations)!
Meera Shah '26 November 26, 2023

If Luisa Madrigal was right when she sang that pressure breaks the camel’s back, every student at Ridge High School would be in a wheelchair.  A...

Coffee, Energy Drinks, and Vending Machine Sales —Where Does the Money Go?
Meera Shah '26 November 26, 2023

During the Teacher’s Convention long weekend, RDA’s reporters successfully followed two people who work in managing Ridge High School’s...

Time to Get Physical with AP Physics 1!
AnnaBelle Hu '24 and Vivian Dong '24 May 14, 2023

I heard you were thinking about taking AP Physics 1. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to your very own survival guide for AP Physics...

Why You Should Write for STEM
Jade Lee '24 and Angie Yang '24 May 14, 2023

Before we even start, we must address a certain article that was published in our very own newspaper.  A few cycles ago, in fact, a few months...

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