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Devastating Tornado in Kentucky
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The Discovery and Approval of Myeloma Therapy
Sumedha Maddali '24 April 14, 2022

The start of the beginning. The commencement of the journey to cure cancer, a disease that claims the lives of an estimated 9.5 billion people worldwide [1].    A...

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The Ongoing War Between Russia and Ukraine
Chinmayi Joshi '25 March 8, 2022

Political conflicts constantly occur, however, occasionally these conflicts turn violent and lead to the deaths of innocent people. Invasions caused by imperialism are not...

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Economic Ramifications of the Russia v. Ukraine War
Sumedha Maddali ‘24 March 8, 2022

Is there going to be another World War?  This is a question many are asking at this time of towering distress caused not merely to society, but also to the economy worldwide....

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Unrest in Kazakhstan
Annabella Gao ‘23 March 8, 2022

Beginning on January 2, 2022, Kazakhstan became enveloped in protest, resulting in at least 225 deaths. The casualties, which consisted of civilians, armed protestors, and...

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Art by Emily Hsu 23!
An Open Letter to My College Admissions Officer
Sherice Kong '23 April 15, 2022

Dear Ms. Degree,    It’s me. 1670 SAT, 5.34 weighted GPA, captain of my school’s JV Yacht-Racing team, winner of 14 participation...

Area Man Confirms Stimulus Checks are Indeed “Cash Money” as Roommate Legally Purchases Alpaca
Bryan Liu ‘22 February 15, 2022

With unprecedented economic instability following the COVID-19 pandemic, the President took to Twitter last week to announce the arrival of the...

Star-Crossed Lovers Done Right: How the First Presidential Debate Saved the Rom-Com
Samantha Liu ‘22 February 15, 2022

There was perhaps no event of greater controversy last fall than the first Presidential Debate, yet I might be the first to venture this honest...

Ridge High School has Another Bermuda Triangle Incident
Sophie O’Connor ‘24 January 5, 2022

BASKING RIDGE - The infamous Bermuda Triangle, a notoriously dangerous intersection between the atrium, 500, and 400 wing of Ridge High School...

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