The “Rise and Shine” of Kylie’s Profits


Art Credits to Emily Hsu!

Yejin Lee ‘23

Kylie Jenner, a 22 year old model, media personality, and businesswoman with a net worth of $1 billion, has blown up yet again. Recently, Kylie uploaded a video of her showing her baby daughter, Stormi’s room in which she woke up her daughter singing “Rise and Shine”. This phrase quickly became a meme and a viral internet joke in a matter of days. Knowing this, Kylie took fast action.


When Kylie sees something that could potentially bring in a lot of money, she’ll take it, and that’s exactly what she did with her own voice. Jenner has filed legal documents asking for the ownership to her “Rise and Shine”, this would also cover the phrase “RIIISE AND SHIIINEE”. This trademark would cover a new line of clothes: including belts, dresses, pants, sleepwear, undergarments, loungewear, headwear, footwear; and even cosmetics. “Riiise and shiine✨ Behind the scenes shooting my two brand new @kylieskin products. Can you guess what they are? #comingsoon” Kylie captioned under a post. But, there is someone in the way of that. Cathy Beggan, president and founder of nutritional supplement and cosmetics company Rise-N-Shine LLC, argues that she has rightful ownership of the phrase “Rise and Shine”. 


“I’ve spent years developing this product line and the Rise-N-Shine brand,” Beggan told The Blast.


Beggan’s company produces cosmetics and clothing with the company name, which similarly Kylie also plans to create with the catchphrase. Because of this, according to Beggan, Kylie’s trademark would infringe on their rights of the name.


But she is willing to have some sort of compromise. “If Kylie is willing to sing a jingle for my company, we will consider licensing the phrase to her for use with certain non-competing products, in exchange for a reasonable licensing fee,” Beggan said. Beggan hopes that Kylie would be able to see that she is, like Kylie, another single mother and businesswoman and have some empathy for her.  


Many people also took the voice clip of “Rise and Shine” as a musical opportunity. Many people have taken the clip and made remix songs out of it. Even pop star Ariana Grande has decided to take her own spin on it. She recently shared a clip of herself singing the catchphrase on her Instagram Story. Not only, but she even asked Kylie is she could sample the voice clip. With no surprise, Jenner agreed to this and even responded back: “Yes, yes you can @arianagrande. As long as I’m in the music video,” Jenner says as she reposts the cover on her own Instagram. In fact, she’s even added the catchphrase to her bio. This wouldn’t seem too out of the ballpark considering that Kris Jenner was featured in one of Ariana Grande’s music videos, “Thank You, Next”. Jenner has even shared a remix of “rise and shine” by a fan on her own twitter. The rich media star seems to be basking in the glory of her voice going viral and becoming yet again another meme. 


Whether Kylie Jenner will reach her goal in trademarking the catchphrases “Rise and Shine” and “Riiise and Shiiine” or if she’ll suddenly become a pop star is still up to question. The young billionaire has always been known for being able to twist things her way. But knowing her, she’ll make the most out of this experience and the most money.