NFC East in the NFL, worst division ever?

Hudson Yu ‘22

As of week 15, the NFC East stands as the worst division in the NFL with no winning records, the potential division leaders are the Philadelphia Eagles at 7-7 and The Dallas Cowboys… at 7-7.


In 2019, the NFC East has won 20 out of their 56 games, and no team in their division has a winning percentage over .500 in other words 50%. Also, their division has allowed 1345 points while scoring only 1210 points. This means the NFC East has a negative point differential of 135 which is leads the entire NFL by a mile (As of Week 15, second place is the AFC South with a point differential of -30 ). In addition, this also means the defensives in the NFC East are sub par, being that they are unable to hold their opponents to low scores.


In addition, NFC East has difficulties beating teams that have a winning record. The entire division tallying a grand total of two wins against teams that have a winning record. That is a 2/20 win ratio against teams that are over .500. And they only defeat one team that is considered a “playoff team”. From this, it is evident that the NFC East is weak, not only failing to be able to defeat good teams, but also struggling to gain wins against weaker teams. When put into perspective, many divisions have two to three teams with a win ratio over .500, highlighting the weakness of the NFC East. 


Although the NFC East has been terrible, there is one team that has shown talent and a consistent offense, and that is The Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboy’s offense scores an average of 27 points a game, and leads the league in total yards (434 yards per game). With such a powerful offense and the talent that has been seen from both sides of the field, they fall short of being a playoff team due to the insufficient coaching. Good coaching is essential for a successful team however there has been no evidence to support that Dallas’s coaching staff can bring out the potential in its players. Therefore, because of the poor coaching, Dallas has been forced to be lumped with the other withering teams in the NFC East


Though the 2019 NFC East has seen to be terrible, there has been worse, in 2009 the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks made playoffs. One of the only teams in NFL history to make the wildcard round with a losing record.