Simone Biles: The True G.O.A.T.


Liana Giacobbe ‘20

Simone Biles has recently become the most decorated gymnast of all time among both men and women gymnasts at the world gymnastics championships in Stuttgart, Germany. This amazing feat occurred after her attainment of her 24 medal, quickly followed by her 25 medal that same day. The previous record holder, Vitaly Scherbo, had held the record for years at 23 medals, only 12 of which were gold compared to the 18 for Biles. During the world championships, Biles acquired five of the six gold medals available, placing fifth on the uneven bars. This conquest of medals has amped up her other U.S. teammates, cultivating an exciting environment as the gymnasts await the coming Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan next year. Biles is ready to add even more medals to her collection, aiming to secure her position as the most decorated gymnast for years to come.


Simone Biles grew up in Columbus, Ohio, raised by her grandparents. She discovered her talents early on when she was still in daycare, and had taken a trip to a local gym. The coach at the gym noticed her talents and insisted that she enroll in either tumbling or gymnastics, and from there, she continued to grow into one of the most talented gymnasts of her time, competing alongside those that had once been her idols. In recent years, Biles has made great strides in her gymnastics career, with a dismount named for her consisting of a complicated and dangerous double twisting double back. Her floor routines, often packed with twists and flips, have influenced her choices in dismounts, quickly labeling her as one of the most innovative gymnasts of her time. These bold choices have proven to pay off, for Biles has now been granted a title obtained by very few others during their careers.


Despite the evident talent that Biles possess and has continued to showcase, she has consistently expressed that she is simply glad to be representing her country by doing what she loves. Though she is certainly proud of her recent feats, what remains most important to her is adding to the legacy of amazing and talented gymnasts that have come before her. Needless to say, Simone’s flawless technique and motivation will uphold her status as one of the most talented gymnasts of this time.