Athlete Interview with Zoe Pan: Ridge Girls Volleyball

Amanda Wang ‘18, Non-School News Editor

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Zoe Pan is a co-captain of the Ridge Girls Volleyball team. This year on November 11th, along with co-captains Sophia Maggio and Evelina Adamcyzk, she led the team to win the Group IV state title, the first state title in the program’s history. Recently, she agreed to discuss her experiences from volleyball and as member of the Ridge team for the last four years.


Amanda Wang (Devil’s Advocate Reporter): What first sparked your interest in volleyball?


Zoe Pan: Both of my parents played volleyball in college, so it has always been a family thing.


AW: What made you decide to continue to play volleyball in high school?


ZP: I played club volleyball in 8th grade and had a really good time, so as freshman year approached, I thought, “why not?”


AW: Having played for 5 years, what is your favorite aspect of being a part of the volleyball team?


ZP: It’s a really fun sport, and I particularly like the team aspect of volleyball. I’ve found a community of girls who are willing to sacrifice so much time for a sport they love. It’s really amazing how close you get with your team.


AW: This year, the team not only won counties but also won states, the first time in Ridge Girls Volleyball history, What are your thoughts on the team’s season this year?


ZP: In the beginning, I don’t think any of us had these goals in mind. Nonetheless, we kept working hard during practices, and I’m really glad it paid off. As the season continued, we kept winning games, and we started making even bigger goals. You can never dream too big!


AW: What do you think was different about this year that led to a win streak of 27 consecutive games and earning the state title?


ZP: Definitely teamwork. Most of my teammates played together last year, so the team chemistry was really great this year. As my coach likes to say, we have many different weapons on the court. There’s not just one outstanding player; everyone’s equally as important to the team.


AW: How do you balance schoolwork and college applications with sports?


ZP: It is tough, but you kind of just have to deal with it. I know when to make sacrifices.


AW: As one of the captains and as senior, what advice would you give to the underclassmen on the team?


ZP: Be confident on the court, trust that your teammates will always have your back, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.


Congratulations to Zoe and the rest of the Ridge Girls Volleyball team for such a successful season!

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Athlete Interview with Zoe Pan: Ridge Girls Volleyball