Opinion: Ridge Hall Policy

AnnaBelle Hu '24

Picture this. You’re trying to go to the bathroom during Study Hall. It’s 3rd block and you’re tired. Suddenly, you’re stopped. Bombarded with form requirements! You fill in your name and a random time, but it’s not enough. You have to wait for them to confirm. Then, after you finally get past the Cafeteria doors, you’re stopped yet again. You have to hand in your lanyard to get the privilege to use the bathroom! It’s an irritating, unnecessary hassle. Instead of acting like a high school, Ridge treats their students like kids instead. Most teenagers can handle going to the bathroom without setting it on fire.
Now, you may ask, what’s the best way to give students more freedom without unleashing mayhem. Well, to that question I would propose allowing students to use the bathroom at their own discretion and punishing students that actually interfere with school property or safety. If someone decides to steal a soap dispenser, then they should be held responsible. However, punishment should be given out to individuals, not the entire student body. One disobedient pupil doesn’t validate implementing bathroom restrictions on every single student.
Additionally, some may defend the hall policies because they claim that these policies will help prevent students from reckless behavior. However, these policies are far from effective. Requiring students to sign forms to go to the bathroom doesn’t prevent anything, as they can essentially do whatever they want once they go in. Additionally, these policies are as ineffective as they are insulting. High school is supposed to be a transitional period for teenagers to enter adulthood. By forcing students to contend with these policies, Ridge prevents students from taking responsibility. Students understand the consequences that result from skipping class and damaging school property, so there’s no need to regulate the bathrooms to the extent that they’re currently under.
Overall, the Ridge Hall Policy is unnecessary and only succeeds in wasting student’s time. If Ridge wants to prevent property damage or any type of disruptive behavior, the Hall Policy doesn’t provide a worthwhile solution. Ridge should grant their students a little more responsibility. No college is going to monitor the bathroom use of their students.