Ridge High School Fencing Season 2020!

Michelle Li ‘20

En Garde, Pret, Allez!


So far into the 2019-2020 season, Ridge Fencing has produced many amazing results! Both the girls and boys team both have shown their courageous energy at school meets and statewide tournaments. Just recently this past month, Ridge Fencing displayed their powerful strength at the Santelli and Cetrulo Fencing Tournament. 


At the Santelli Fencing Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 11, Ridge Fencing Girls sweeped a 1st place finish out of 53 NJ school teams and received a phenomenal Santelli team title for a second consecutive year. For individuals, the Epee squad of Diya Kulkarni, Jillian Yao, Elizabeth Chan, and Jordan Guzzi finished in 2nd place. The Foil squad of Liz Yugov, Madison Clowes, Erica Chang, and Rachel An matched with a 2nd place finish, and the Saber squad of Andrea Tirado, Ishita Goel, and Sameera Mathias, and Michelle Li secured 5th place. 


At the Cetrulo Fencing Tournament on Sunday, Jan. 12, Ridge Fencing Boys also took a 1st place finish out of 56 NJ school teams for the first time since 2011. For individuals, the epee squad of Clark Kokenge, Eric Wang, and Forest Huang finished first place. The foil squad of Eric Liu, Lawrence Han, and Ryan Shadpoor also secured first place. The saber squad of Casper Mika, Brock Martynowski, and Stephen Lin, fencing many strong opponents for the whole day, finished in 13th place. 


To many fencers, this season so far has been a success. Girl’s Team Captain, Liz Yugov ’20 states that she’s “incredibly proud of everything the team has done” and “excited to see what is in store!” She emphasizes how she’s “confident that we have what it takes to stay a very competitive team and a formidable opponent to whoever comes our way.” For Boy’s Team Captain, Clark Kokenge notes how he’s really proud of his team and “taking one meet at a time and weaving through the bracket my goals is to get as far as they can and possible nab for State Championships!” 


As the season moves on, each fencer is eagerly ready for more victories as they continue their battles against many schools. Good luck Ridge Fencing and keep up the great work!