Tik Tok Takes on Ridge High School

Megha Parikh ‘21

With over 500 million monthly users, Tik Tok has made itself known globally. Tik Tok is an app where people can dance, sing, lip sync, and upload their videos for either their close friends or the world to see. That’s what a group of friends did at a sleepover one night. 


A group of juniors at Ridge High School hopped on a Tik Tok trend: the “what girls think guys do at sleepovers vs what they actually do” trend. This group of boys put a unique spin on the trend by knocking down all stereotypes of sleepovers as well as adding a hint of humor. The result? 3 million views in just one weekend. 


The short video depicts a group of boys watching Tik Toks as the “what is perceived of boys’ sleepovers.” It then cuts to the same group of kids worshipping a life size doll in a dark garage with their flashlights. Sounds weird, right? The actual video is even weirder. However, like many viral videos, the mere silliness behind it allows people to retweet and forward it to all their friends. While these kids didn’t cater to a specific audience, they used the Tik Tok app as their platform to spread their humor. Anyone looking for a good laugh could click their video, which ultimately led to the resending of the video to millions of people. 


When asked about his new forthcoming fame, Viven Puthenpurayil ‘21 explained how he and his friends were just making these videos and “then bang it went viral.” Over the course of the following few days after the video went viral, friends and family of the boys posted in their honor and before they knew it, the whole school knew about their infamous creation. 


So, what’s the craze about? Like any other social media platform, Tik Tok gives people a chance to show off their creativity and humor to the world. Coupled with popular trends, people feel obligated to get the app, and it doesn’t disappoint. There’s something there for everyone, whether it’s comedy, music, drama, educational, or a famous friend. 


Many kids and teenagers are users of this app for the fun and entertainment and the 13 celebrities of Ridge High School are no different. They were at someone’s house making Tik Toks for fun, posted one, and it blew up overnight. They went to bed as users, and woke up as Tik Tok stars.