Anticipating Annie the Musical

Carys Law ‘21

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Everybody remembers the fantastic performance of “Peter and the Starcatcher”  in November. We can anticipate an even more fantastic rendition of “Annie the Musical.”  The busy and stressful process of casting recently came to a close, and roles were recently assigned to passionate and talented students.Production is currently underway and allegedly a new director will work on play and add new choreography!  

This musical follows an orphan named Annie on her adventure through New York City.  She is adopted by the billionaire Oliver Warbucks and embarks on an adventure to find her real parents. We can all watch their riveting performance on March 1st through the 3rd, starring Eileen Brady as Annie, Karthik Iyer as Oliver Warbucks, and Emma Marsters as Miss Hannigan.  Among these three talented people are others who play smaller, but just as yet equally instrumental roles in the development and final production of the play.  

While the audience mostly witnesses the actors and actresses at work, we must appreciate the hard work of the stage crew that ensures smooth production.  Both the cast and the stage crew put their hours into perfecting the play that their viewers will remember for a lifetime.

The spectators will remember the magical performance, and the cast and stage crew will remember the forged bonds between them as they build a story over the course of five months.  Evan Kupsh, ‘18, co-president of stage crew, asserts, “If I could pick a group of people that could help me in whatever I am doing in the future, then there would be no other people on Earth I would rather have than the crew I am working with this year.  The friendships and bonds made my time working with them gives me confidence to tackle anything so long as they are behind me.”

Great chemistry between the cast and crew certainly will demonstrate a passion of acting that cannot be faked through the production.  Isabelle Huang, ‘21, a member of stage crew, shares, “All of the people working on ‘Annie’ are so wonderful, and many of my tight friendships have been built through my experiences in crew.”  Through the work leading up to the final performances, hardship and triumphs are the factors that bring the cast and crew of “Annie the Musical” together as a family off of the stage.

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