The Art Show—Why You Should Come

Hannah Usadi ‘19

Walking through the Ridge Art Show, even the most prestigious of critics may fail to recognize these artists as high schoolers; the incredible work of these students displays talent far beyond their years.

During the annual Ridge Art show held June 7 through June 9, Ridge High School displays the work of many different classes, with each class showcasing distinctly different work. For instance, those in Advanced Art, Honors Art Major, and AP produce two-dimensional work such as drawings or paintings, while those in Ceramics produce three-dimensional work; all these classes demonstrate an understanding of art technique and skill.

On the other side of the art spectrum, photography students capture beautiful pictures, focusing on composition. Work from many other classes is also displayed, such as woodshop and Photoshop.

While there is a wide range of exhibits, art teacher Miss Falb assures all students, “The art show in June is a wonderful experience. There’s food, there’s art, there’s music… What more could you ask for?” If the sensory appeal is not enough, the art show is far more than a delight for both the stomach and eyes. The displayed art displayed possesses a unique quality to tell a story. Within each artwork exists a piece of the artist’s timeless recording of who they were when the work was created, embodied by each detail within the composition.

Andrea Zhang ‘19 ponders, “When I see one of my old paintings, I remember who I was when I painted it, and how different my style was.”

No matter what form a work of art takes, the artist shines through in each finished project. The art show displays work from various points in the year, truly shedding light on the development of each artist. It is a rare opportunity to see the culmination of so much hard work, and one that everyone should take advantage of, even those who have little involvement in art.

Jimmy Gao ‘20 agrees: “I love visiting the art show. It’s like an entirely new part of the school that I rarely am able to see.”

Whether one possesses a natural love for art or not, it is clear that all can benefit from what the art show offers.