What is the “The Addams Family”? : A Short Scene

Avani Bhargava ‘16, Editor-in-Chief

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Enter STUDENT 1 and STUDENT 2. They walk through the Ridge High School Performing Arts Center to get to the parking lot. Music drifts out of the auditorium, so they pause by the doors.

(STUDENT 2 glances at the auditorium. STUDENT 1 notices.)

STUDENT 1: I think that’s play practice.

STUDENT 2: Oh, “The Addams Family,” right? February 26 and 27 at 7 P.M.?

STUDENT 1: (nods) Yeah—do you know what it’s about?

STUDENT 2: I’ve heard it’s a musical comedy in which a girl from a dark, creepy family falls in love with a normal guy. That’s all I know, though.

STUDENT 2: From what I’ve heard, Helen Shen ’18 plays Wednesday, who falls in love with Lucas Beineke, played by Chance Friedman ’19. Peyton Kennedy ’16 and Owen McKenna ’17 play Wednesday’s parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams, respectively. Gomez struggles to keep Wednesday’s romance secret from Morticia. It’s supposed to be really funny—their families end up meeting.

(They watch as JESSICA BURCHETT ’16 and OWEN MCKENNA ’17 walk out of the auditorium.)

STUDENT 2: Also, Jessica Burchett and Keith Gallimore ‘16 play Alice and Mal Beineke, Lucas’ “normal” parents. There are Jess and Owen now.

STUDENT 1: Hey, guys! (motions for JESSICA and OWEN to come over) How are rehearsals going?

JESSICA: Everyone is working really hard, and the cast and crew are extremely talented. My experience has been very upbeat and enjoyable. We’re getting so much done – we’ll have a lot of time to really delve into our characters and polish the show.

OWEN: The show is moving along at a good pace—and we’re all having fun working on it too.

JESSICA: Also, everyone is very nice and supportive, including [director] Mrs. Harvey, [choreographer] Mrs. Miranda, and [music director] Mrs. Schaefer.

STUDENT 2: How is the show itself? “The Addams Family”?

OWEN: There are a bunch of reasons why the show is gonna rock. It’s super funny, and it’s a very family-friendly show.

JESSICA: At the same time, it does touch upon very real conflicts in families that everyone can relate to and learn from.

(JESSICA and OWEN have to return to rehearsal. As they leave, ERIN TAYLOR ’16 approaches.)

STUDENT 2: Hey, Erin. You’re in Stage Crew for the play, right? How’s that going?

ERIN: The crew experience has been amazing so far, with a lot of things getting done in the short time frame that we have. Everyone is working together…and it is amazing to watch. I am very excited to Stage Manage my last show at Ridge High School.

STUDENT 1: What is the set like?

ERIN: The set is very innovative, gorgeous, and just like the old Addams Family house that you would see on Broadway. [It] was designed by Mr. Stewart, an arts and ceramics teacher at Ridge. He is also in charge of the Stage Crew.

STUDENT 2: What about lights and sound?

ERIN: Mr. Kern is in charge of lights and sound, and from what I have heard, that is also going very well.

(MRS. HARVEY, director, walks by. STUDENT 1 invites her to join the conversation.)

STUDENT 1: What are you most looking forward to in the musical?

MRS. HARVEY: I am most looking forward to when the curtain goes up opening night…and to see all the hard work of the past months come together…The cast, the crew, the production team, the orchestra, the boosters and the staff have all put in countless hours and lots of energy, finances, time and sleep, so I’m excited for it all to come together! It looks like it’s going to be a great show.

(MRS. HARVEY has to return to rehearsal. She exits.)

STUDENT 1: Sounds like it’s going well.

STUDENT 2: I really want to see the show now. We should buy our tickets soon [at www.ridgepac.com] so we can get good seats.

STUDENT 1: Oh, yeah. I think they’re also selling them outside the cafeteria throughout February, until the first performance.

(Curiosity quenched, the students walk out of the Performing Arts Center, making plans.)

End scene.

“The Addams Family” Additional Credits:


Uncle Fester Addams: Sam Prentiss ‘17

Pugsley Addams: Jackie Maese ‘17

Grandma – Rachel Keough ’16


President: Erin Taylor ’16

Vice Presidents: Claire Fiocco ’16 and Julia Fiocco ’16

Secretary: Erik Dannenberg ‘16

Student Technical Director: Harris Gartenberg ‘16

Assistant Stage Managers: Adam Miesner ’16 and Avi Zucker ’15

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