New Iced Coffee Item Serves Up Big Hit

Hyojin Lee ‘16, Editor-in-Chief

As dramatic happenings occur at Ridge High School in the form of Italian exchange students, new AP classes, and an in-school PSAT, the cafeteria proves to be no exception. This fall, the school cafeteria opened with the exciting addition of iced coffees, along with cornbread, peaches, and a pancake food item, to the school lunch line.

The iced coffees are undoubtedly the stars of the lunch line. Many students, eager for their daily dose of caffeine, clamor at the pizza line for their drinks. Indeed, this beverage, which comes in chocolate, caramel, and vanilla as well as other unique flavors such as pumpkin pie, seems to be giving even the chicken tenders some competition in the lunchroom–a never-before-seen phenomenon.

A drink described as “rather sweet” yet “watery,” the iced coffee is less the bitter Americano that hardcore coffee-drinkers seek and more the creamy, milk-dominated treat that the younger crowd often appreciates. It tastes sweeter than one would expect, while maintaining a background palate of coffee and other notes of flavor.

During hall crossings, the outgoing foodie student casually sipping an appealing iced coffee has become a common sight. Many appreciate the availability of the beverage in the mornings and during lunch periods, for they claim that the caffeine helps them stay awake. However, complaints have arisen about the dearth of iced coffee during eighth period lunch, commonly bemoaned as the worst lunch period of the day (rivalled only by the painfully early fourth period). Students wishing to try the new item often mournfully exit eighth period laid low by caffeine withdrawal.

For the most part, the addition is much appreciated. Yamini Bokka ’16 commented that while the “pumpkin pie was way too sweet,” the coffee overall is a solid drink for the warmer months. She went on to compare it to the Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee – an opinion that has been echoed by quite a few students. Terri Waldron ’16 agrees, citing the fact that both the Dunkin’ iced coffee and the school iced coffee are “really watery.” Aside from these slight drawbacks, both students appreciate the quality from the school’s first-time baristas.

On the other hand, some students appreciate the watered-down quality of the iced coffee. Colin Kim ’17 argues, “It was really watery, but I liked that it was watery.” He ended up concluding that he would, in fact, recommend the drink to a fellow student.

The overall consensus seems to be enthusiastic – if not gushing – approval of the new drink. With all the comparisons to Dunkin’ Donuts going around, Ridge just may be the new joint in town for the morning drink in hand.