Devastating Tornado in Kentucky


Art Credit to Helen Cai

A devastating disaster occurred on December 10, 2021 when a tornado stripped people of their homes, threw cars into the air, and caused people to lose their families and even their own lives. The tornado has been the most disastrous one that has hit Kentucky in years. With many wounded or killed, the Bluegrass State suffered the loss of many buildings, roads, and valuable citizens. [1] 

The tornado destroyed many lives, as the death count reached a dreadfully high number of seventy-eight. Out of the deceased number of citizens, twelve were children. The communities of Kentucky were left to deal with the wreck that the tornado had demolished. One thousand houses were ravaged during the natural disaster, leaving many to flee to shelters. 

The tornado began in northeast Arkansas, crossing to Missouri Bootheel and then continuing into northeast Tennessee. [2] The two hardest hit areas were Mayfield and Dawson Springs, areas that have a large majority of people without power. [2] The tornado was categorized as an EF4, which is considered one of the strongest and most destructive levels of the Enhanced Fujita scale.  Its final stop was western Kentucky.  It traveled around 227 miles, destroying cars, homes, and lives. [1]

All deaths were accounted for during the horrible disaster, the seventy-eight people that died were mourned endlessly and will forever be remembered. [2] This will leave a scar that will last forever on the families of the people who suffered, as even the death toll was a huge number for Kentuckians to lose. [2]

The tragic event has been broadcasted all around the world, as the lives that were lost will forever be remembered. Families will mourn members, friends to friends, and more relationships severed. The horrible tragedy of the Kentucky Tornado will mark history for Kentucky and its citizens.