New Course Media and Video Productions Is Sparking Interest

Lynne Bekdash ‘16

November 11, 2013

Among the new courses offered this year at Ridge is Media and Video Productions, a class that allows students to explore the realm of the art of video imaging. This includes technical aspects of the art such as digitization and...

Homecoming 2013: A Sea of Red, White, Black and Green

Ashana Torani ‘15

November 11, 2013

A very strange phenomenon occurred at Ridge High School the week of October 14—the majority of the student population came into school smiling, and left school still smiling. The reason for the sudden surge in student happiness...

Week of Respect

Ruiyan Wang

November 11, 2013

Two weeks ago, students flocked to three tables set up outside of the cafeteria during their lunch periods. There, they signed Ridge High School’s Anti-Bullying Pledge. This activity was part of the new October Anti-Bullying...

Ridge Forensics Gets the W

Nidhi Mahagaokar ‘13

November 11, 2013

Before the start of every sports season, athletes go through weeks of intensive training, building up muscle, stamina, and a competitive mindset in order to be successful in the upcoming season. This holds true for the Ridge Forensics...

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