Boygenius and What to Expect From “The Record”

Sienna Zamkoff '26

The band Boygenius have recently announced their new album, “The Record”, set to come out March 31st. Boygenius boasts three extremely talented singer-songwriters: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. Previously, they released an EP entitled “Boygenius” in 2018, which went on to receive stellar reviews from music critics. 

Baker and Dacus had been friends prior to the formation of Boygenius, while Dacus and Bridgers had also met and formed, according to Bridgers, an instant friendship. The band only began after the members’ decision to tour their solo work together, and they got together to record a 7-song EP to promote the tour. These songs blew up, establishing Boygenius as a band to look out for [1].

“Boygenius”, opens with the track “Bite The Hand” in which Dacus has lead vocals. This song is the perfect start to the EP, showing listeners their unique sound: it opens with Lucy Dacus’s typical clean electric guitar tone, introducing her low and smooth voice, and along with that comes the lyricism. “Bite the Hand” is about jeopardizing good things and not being able to like someone “like [they] want me to.” Some other lyrics in the song include “Bite the hand that feeds me,” a metaphor for being self deprecating and being your personal worst enemy. The song introduces one of the main themes of being alone that the EP conveys. Another highlight on the EP is the song “Me and My Dog”. This song is performed by Phoebe Bridgers and highlights her voice beautifully. Her voice glides through the lyrics, which revolve around Bridgers feeling alone in her own world. Julien Baker is highlighted on “Souvenir,” which discusses feeling lost about dreams and feeling underappreciated by other people. Overall, the EP consists of complex lyricism and amazing vocals by the three artists, leading to its great success.

The band released three singles titled “$20,” “Emily I’m Sorry,” and “True Blue.” Each song highlights each artist in their own special way. “$20” is performed by Baker and starts with energetic guitars and layers of harmonies. It presents a bit of a change in sound from Baker’s last songs with Boygenius, which have more depressive lyrics, while this song is about living life to the fullest (even if you are so broke that you don’t have twenty dollars). The song is upbeat and fun even though the lyrics are a bit darker. The next single, “Emily I’m Sorry,” is performed by Phoebe Bridgers and showcases her typical style. The song is acoustic and features the typical Phoebe Bridgers lyricism which is filled with beautiful metaphors and that down-to-earth feel that people can relate to. The song includes lyrics like “I can feel myself becoming someone I’m not,” showing that Bridgers herself is apologizing for someone she has become. The song “True Blue,” performed by Lucy Dacus, shows what it is like to be in the spotlight, showing that even though it feels good to be known by other people, inside she is truly blue. The lyricism on the singles so far have been amazing and listeners can expect more of this on the rest of “The Record,” along with both electric guitar features and darker, acoustic songs. Overall, listeners can expect great things for “The Record” and should be excited for the future of Boygenius. [1]