Fine Line

Emily Woo ‘22

High-school aged girls were just a few among the many going crazy with anticipation before the release of Harry Styles’ album Fine Line on December 13, 2019. Harry’s countless stans were not disappointed by the long awaited album and most were pleasantly surprised by how different it is.


Harry seems to have found his “sound” with this album. Fine Line’s psychedelic album cover appropriately depicts the funky groove of songs such as Watermelon Sugar. With 12 songs ranging from chill-pop to melancholy, Fine Line proves why Harry Styles deserves the hype. While his previous album Harry Styles still possessed that rock-sound characteristic of One Direction songs, Fine Line is uniquely Harry. 


Harry has certainly managed to make a name for himself as an individual artist after he and fellow former One Direction members split off in different directions. His style was masked by that of other band members, but after a few years of discovering himself, Harry shows just why the breakup was for the better. 


The question remains: which former band member will be the next to rise to Harry’s level?