It’s “I Lish”

Marina Chiafullo ‘20

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, more commonly recognized as just “Billie Eilish”, is the quirky seventeen year old musical sensation who has caught the eyes and ears of many teens and young adults today around the world. Eilish began her career at the young age of fourteen with her song “Ocean Eyes”, and now has singles such as her recent “come out and play” quickly gaining traction. Her music has topped the charts everywhere since her debut, allowing her to tour around the world.

Billie Eilish has a unique demeanor, beginning with her sense of fashion. Her staple look includes baggy clothes with designer sneakers and sometimes sweatbands, with brands ranging between Louis Vuitton, Nike, Balenciaga, and more. She also began her own line of clothing and accessories called “Blohsh”. This extremely different way of presenting herself, compared to other artists nowadays, appeals to the younger generation, since it’s something new and something people aspire to be.

In terms of music, her dark vibes with extensive layering and harmonies provide a new outlook and sound for modern music. She has songs like “Ocean Eyes” and “when the party’s over” that showcase her mellow and relaxing tone, and others like “you should see me in a crown” and “COPYCAT” that have a beat people can bop their heads to. She has others like “party favor” and “bellyache” with a playful ukulele and harmony with a somewhat dark message behind them. Her style of music changes with each release, and teens everywhere are loving it. Alexandra Kattas ‘20, a fan of Billie, says that “she appeals to me because her voice is very authentic and different, and she’s our age”. The fact that Eilish and a good amount of high schoolers are the same age makes her extremely relatable, because her music comes from a person growing up in and experiencing the same time as us.

Her newer single, “when the party’s over”, peaked at #52 on the top 100 Billboard this year, and her others hit #69 (“come out and play”), and #78 (“lovely” with Khalid). She came out with her album “Don’t Smile at Me” in 2017 including some of her previous singles. It managed to make the charts in Sweden, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and a good number of other countries, proving that her music appeals to people not only here in America, but all over the world.

While Eilish is all the rage nowadays, there are still people who don’t care for her music or her style. Andrew Chiafullo ‘22 states that “She tries to be different from all these other young artists, but with her autotune and mediocre music writing she still sounds like all the wannabe stars in the world.” True, she has a really unique form of presenting herself and her style, and some find it to be a scream for attention. Whether or not people dislike her, she has a loyal fan base that seems to grow each time she releases a new song. With this growing fan base comes a shift from the conventional pop star that we are so used to.