NBA All-Star Weekend

Cameron Mays ‘21

March 3, 2020

The NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago is fast approaching on February 15 to the 17, and to get you ready for all of the festivities, here is a quick breakdown of what the events are, and who is participating in them.   The weeke...

The Senate Impeachment Trial

Cameron Mays ‘21

February 9, 2020

 The Senate opened their trial on January 22 after weeks of hearings in the House that ended with President Trump being impeached. There were then more weeks of waiting as Nancy Pelosi elected to not immediately send the Art...

The Astros Cheating Scandal

Cameron Mays ‘21

January 31, 2020

The Astros cheating scandal that first emerged in November 2019 has finally come to a close as the MLB released both its report, and the punishments that the Astros will receive.    The Houston Astros won the 2017 World Series...

The Australian Bushfires: A Crisis in Action

Cameron Mays ‘21

January 3, 2020

Starting in late August, bushfires in Australia have ravaged the country and show no signs of stopping. Bushfires are common in Australia, usually occurring during the dry season, which is December to March. However, the fires, s...

A Deeper Dive into the Sinking (or Already Sunk) Ship of the New York Knicks

Cameron Mays ‘21

December 4, 2019

“THEY’RE TRASH! THEY STINK!” ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith ranted on his podcast on November 11 after the Knicks fell to 2-8 on the season after an embarrassing 21 point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The game was embarra...

The Death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and a New ISIS Leader

Cameron Mays ‘21

November 19, 2019

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the former ISIS leader, was killed October 26 in a northwestern Syrian compound by a US military raid.   al-Baghdadi transformed ISIS from a small group of ragtag fighters to a global terrorist netwo...

Cinderella vs. the Baseball Giants

Cameron Mays ‘21

November 7, 2019

The time has come once again where baseball fans around the world wait in anticipation, or bitterness as the best teams from the National and American Leagues battle it out in the World Series. This year, it is the Washington...

Hong Kong: Protesting for What?

Cameron Mays ‘21

October 23, 2019

Since February, millions of Hong Kong citizens have engaged in protests over a proposed bill that would extradite the accused to mainland China to be tried and sentenced. As of July, the Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said...

The Challenge of Using Project Citizen Surveys for the Good of the School

Cameron Mays ‘21

February 16, 2019

Project Citizen survey forms have flooded student’s inboxes over the past few months. From a variety of senders, these surveys are meant to take an in-depth look at problems that students notice in Ridge High  School, and gag...

Who is Tekashi 6ix9ine and What is the Controversy Surrounding Him?

Cameron Mays ‘21

January 19, 2019

The controversial New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has had numerous run-ins with the law over the past three years, leading to a harsh prison sentence where he faces up to life and a minimum of 32 years. It has come to the point...

Will the Red Sox be Able to “Do Damage” Against the Dodgers and Win the World Series?

Cameron Mays ‘21

December 8, 2018

The pinnacle of the 2018 MLB season has arrived at last. While all teams started at the bottom of the mountain on game one, only two have been able to make it to the top, and only one will stay there. Many teams looked like t...

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