The Freshman’s Handbook to Surviving High School

Sarah Ho '17, School News Editor

September 29, 2015

As the school bell rings, students stream through the doors. No, it isn’t June. It’s September 8th and the 2015-2016 school year has just begun. As seniors revel in their long-awaited position at the top of the food chain,...

Who’s That?: Behind Facebook “Senior Names”

Alicia Jen ’16 (AKA PledgeOf AliJence), Features Editor

September 29, 2015

Like on any lazy summer afternoon, you're scrolling mindlessly on Facebook until something makes you suddenly scroll up—an unfamiliar name. You don't remember being Facebook friends with that person. In fact, is that even an...

The Halls Are Alive: Teachers Express Excitement at Starting the Year

Hyojin Lee '16, Editor-in-Chief

September 29, 2015

Students returning from the blissful haze of summer break usually display one of two extremes upon entering school in September: hectic and joyful excitement or bleak and contrary exhaustion. Gleeful freshmen race around the school,...

How To: Survive Junior Year

Kathie Guo '16, Public Relations

September 29, 2015

“I’m mostly nervous about essays, AP exams, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics,” Val Post ’17 remarks. Junior year (also known as the dreaded year, the “year that colleges actually care about,” and the year of no social...

ED: Enticing Delusion

Karen Shen '16, Opinions Editor

September 29, 2015

Welcome back to school to the most stressful time of the year [for seniors]! College application season has swooped in, preying on the wistful creatures yearning for the summer that passed too quickly. Despite the occasional...


Charlize Chen ‘19

September 29, 2015

As the reader may know, Ridge High School offers many music-based programs to students, such as orchestra, band, theatre, chorus, and much more. Whether a student is already an expert in the field or just starting out as a beginner,...

Freshmen Interview: Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here

Ruiyan Wang ‘17, School News Editor

September 29, 2015

As the hallways of Ridge High School fill yet again, an elusive species scurries among the towering trees of senior football players and shuffles through dense expanses of backpacks. In high schools all across the nation, the...

Studying Hacks of the Battle-Ready AP Student

Lynne Bekdash ‘16, Non-School News Editor

April 10, 2015

Limp papers peppered with the ink imprints of fingers, prep books lined with colorful highlighted stripes, sets of index cards bundled together with rubber bands– all these materials indicate that it’s that time of year aga...

The Value of Self-Reflection: A Modern Day Twist on an Age-Old Concept

Emma Havighorst ‘16

April 10, 2015

When was the last time you reflected on your actions? Many people comment on how teenagers do not self-reflect nearly enough. There have been countless studies proving this idea, including the most recent Reason-Rupe Poll which...

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