A Toast For A Brand New Club!

Ashna Gupta ‘21

To many people’s surprise, the Toastmasters International club has nothing to do with making toasts but instead giving them. Toastmasters International is making an impact on teenagers at Ridge High School by pushing them out of their comfort zone through prepared and impromptu speeches. While many students at Ridge struggle with public speaking, this club aims to empower the student body to express itself. The club is encouraging its members to give speeches on topics they’re passionate about, as well as on the spot topics. Students can even perform a speech they need to present for a class in order to receive feedback. 


Toastmasters revolves around feedback; every member of the club is required to give meaningful feedback to the speaker in various sectors. For example, one student might address hand gestures, another word-choice, and another pacing. Elements such as eye contact, posture, vocal variety, and facial expressions all come into play when performing. This wide range of feedback gives the presenter various skills to work on for the next meeting, transforming them into amazing speakers. Another aspect of the club is leadership. This club hopes to empower leaders of the future by enabling them to prosper. Each role a member plays is vital to the overall success of the club and it’s imperative everyone gives the best feedback they can. 


Come down to room 306 in the morning, every other Thursday, to improve your public speaking. Officer positions and munchkins are available!