The Halls Are Alive: Teachers Express Excitement at Starting the Year

Hyojin Lee '16, Editor-in-Chief

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Students returning from the blissful haze of summer break usually display one of two extremes upon entering school in September: hectic and joyful excitement or bleak and contrary exhaustion. Gleeful freshmen race around the school, comparing notes in tight huddles on who knows more upperclassmen, or on the freedom of feet in flip-flops. Meanwhile, weary juniors lug their textbooks from class to class, dreading the next period and the workload it will bring.

However, rarely do teachers share their emotions about being back in school. To students in the first days, teachers and their feelings, beyond who seems “nice” and who gives out a lot of homework, are distant and unthinkable topics. But how do teachers really feel about being back in school? Do they feel the same rush of joy or dismay as their students?

From an informal poll of teachers at Ridge High School, the data shows that roughly four out of five teachers feel excited or very excited about being back in school. The only thing holding them back from being entirely excited is the tiredness that colors their day.

Their reasons, though, may surprise the average student. Contrary to disparaging stereotypes in the media, most Ridge teachers seem to actively enjoy teaching and seeing their students. One teacher mentioned that the students bring excitement into the classroom and spice up the day. Other teaches mentioned that while they of course enjoy the summer and the hours of sleep that it brings, they are caught up in the genuine joy of teaching once in school. Mrs. Mitchell, a chemistry teacher at Ridge High School, succinctly describes her feelings with a smile, stating, “I like being around the people, and I like seeing the students, and I have a good time.”

Thus, even if it is through a lack of sleep, most of Ridge – students and teachers – seem to approach the first days with positivity, even as we miss the long mornings of summer. The halls, drearily quiet for three months, now come alive as everyone looks forward to the new year.


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